2016 Annual Report

The pursuit of perfection.

Each quarter the pace accelerates. Yet our drive for superlative performance persists.


a message from joe

Thousands of times each day the Palmetto GBA team meets the complicated task of servicing the nation’s health.

Shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers, we listen to their needs and anticipate what comes next – developing ideas and creating technology solutions that innovate. When aligned with our uncompromising commitment to process improvement, laser-sharp attention to detail, and deeply held belief that it is the millions of Americans affected by each transaction that truly matter, that innovation drives unparalleled progress.

2016 was a shining example of just that. Thank you to all our associates who make such success possible every day. Our victories are yours. I am proud to stand beside you.

Best Regards, 


Walter J. Johnson

President & COO


Our Philosophy

We believe technical and administrative solutions have the power to enhance service and quality. And we are constantly striving to reach new heights of performance to improve the quality of life for our customers, employees and communities.